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To generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for SAP Web Application Server you will need to create a key pair for your server, the public key and private key. These two items are a digital certificate key pair and cannot be separated. The CSR public key you will give to a Certificate Authority (CA) for signing and the private key will remain hidden on the SAP system where the CSR request is made.

To generate a CSR for SAP Web Application Server perform the following.

Step 1: Generating your Key Pair & CSR:

Note: You must generate an individual certificate request for each application server that uses a server-specific PSE. If you use a system-wide SSL server PSE, then you only need to generate a single certificate request.

To determine each unique SSL server PSE, expand the SSL server PSE node in the trust manager and select each application server with a double-click. The server’s Distinguished Name appears in the Owner field.

  1. Open the Trust Manager.
  2.  Expand the SSL server PSE node.
  3. For each unique SSL server PSE (each server-specific PSE or a single system-wide PSE) select the application server.
  4. Under Owner field you should see the application servers certificate in the PSE maintenance section.
  5. Specify the following information:
    • Country Name (C): Use the two-letter code without punctuation for country, for example: US or CA.
    • State or Province (S): Do not abbreviate the state or province name, for example: California.
    • Locality or City (L): The Locality field is the city or town name, for example: Boston.
    • Organization (O): If your company or department has an &, @, or any other symbol using the shift key in its name, you must spell out the symbol or omit it to enroll, for example: XY & Z Corporation would be XYZ Corporation or XY and Z Corporation.
    • Organizational Unit (OU): This field is the name of the department or organization unit making the request.
    • Common Name (CN): The Common Name is the Host + Domain Name. It looks like “www.company.com” or “company.com”.
  6. In the PSE maintenance section, choose Create Certificate Request.
  7. In the dialog window showing the certificate request. Choose Copy or save the certificate request to a file notepad using Save as local file.

You have generated your CSR for SAP Web Application Server. You will open this CSR file with notepad to Copy and paste its entire contents into your enrollment of an SSL certificate.

If you are unable to use these instructions for your server, Acmetek recommends that you contact either the vendor of your software or the organization that supports it.

SAP Support

For more information refer to SAP.

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