Using the Digicert Certificate Utility To Fix Certificate Chain Trust Errors.

When on a Windows server system you may receive errors pertaining to the trust of the SSL Certificate varying from browser to browser.

The cause of this is usually due the server us not sending or is missing all the required intermediate chain certificates. These certificate are responsible for aiding the trust of your SSL Certificate to the various different browsers or supplications that it connects with. They come with your SSL Certificate.

Downloading and Installing The Digicert Certificate Utility.

  1. On your Windows server or workstation, download and save the Digicert Certificate Utility for Windows executable (DigiCertUtil.exe).
  2. Run the Digicert Certificate Utility for Windows by Double-click DigiCertUtil.

Congrats you have downloaded and installed the Digicert Certificate Utility.

To fix intermediate certificate errors with the Digicert Utility perform the following:
Note: This this feature will only work on Windows server systems that have to have a connection to the internet. If you are having intermediate issues with a non windows server consult our installation articles for the system in question and focus on its intermediate installation instructions.

  1. Run the Digicert Certificate Utility for Windows (double-click DigiCertUtil).
  2. In the Digicert Certificate Utility for Windows, click SSL
  3. Select the certificate your want to repair, and then click Repair Certificate.
  4. In the pop up, click Yes.
  5. After you receive the “This certificate has been successfully repaired” message, click OK.
  6. Now that the intermediate chain has been repaired you will need the system to make the acknowledgment of the change. You can do this by either restarting the website, unbinding and rebinding the SSL Certificate or lastly reboot the server system.

Congrats you have fixed the Trust of your SSL Certificate has been fixed using the Digicert Utility.

Note: If you still are having certificate trust issues then you may have another system or firewall in the mix that will require an update of the intermediates. Consult your CA for those intermediates and import them manually to the system in question.

  • The SSL Support Desk features many intermediate and roots from various CA here.
  • The SSL Support Desk features many installation articles located here. Focus on intermediate installation. If you do not see your server system listed within the SSL Support Desk contact your Server vender on installation of these intermediates.
Manual Windows intermediate certificate chain fix instructions can be found within our following article if you want to double check to see if the utility worked.

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