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To generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), a key pair must be created for the server. These two items are a public key and a private key pair and cannot be separated.

Typically with FileZilla the suggested application to generate this keypair is to use an archaic method of command line using OpenSSL. Although OpenSSL is an amazing tool there are better utilities out there that can accomplish the same task without frustration.  The Digicert Certificate Utility is a GUI based utility that works on a windows systems that has the capability of generating your keypair and then export the SSL certificate in the Required Apache format that FileZilla demands.

To generate a CSR keypair for your FileZilla system using the Digicert Certificate Utility perform the following.

Downloading and Installing The Digicert Certificate Utility.

  1. On your Windows server or workstation, download and save the Digicert Certificate Utility for Windows executable (DigiCertUtil.exe). Click HERE to download.
  2. Run the Digicert Certificate Utility for Windows by Double-click DigiCertUtil.

Congrats you have downloaded and installed the Digicert Certificate Utility you are now ready to generate your CSR keypair for your FileZilla system.

How To Generate a CSR:

To generate a CSR to get an SSL Certificate perform the following.

  1. Run the Digicert Certificate Utility by Double-clicking the DigicertUtil.exe.
  2. In the Digicert Certificate Utility, Click SSL.
  3. Click Create CSR.
  4. In the Create CSR window under Certificate Type: select SSL.
  5. In the Certificate Details fill out the following fields:
    • Common Name: The Fully Qualified Domain Name that the certificate will be issued to and secure. for example www.yourdomain.com or if you are enrolling for a wildcard certficaite *.yourdomain.com
    • Organization: Repeat the legal name of your organization again.
    • Department (optional): Enter the sub team or organizational unit that this SSL Certificate pertains to. Examples: Marketing, Mobile gaming, SSL Support Desk, IT, Etc..
    • City: Legal corporate headquarters. Example Boston.
    • State: Enter the state or province where your legal corporate headquarters is located.
      Note: The state your organization is located in or if you’re creating a CSR for a location outside of the USA, you can enter anything into the list. It will accept any state name you type.
    • Country: From the drop down menu select the county.
    • Keysize: Any will do. (Leave at default).
    • Provider: Leave at default.
  6. When all the information has been filled click Generate.
  7. You will get another window that will display your CSR request. Copy the text, including the  —–BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– tags, and paste it into the your CA order form.
  8. When you are done, click Close.

Congrats you have just created you have just generate your CSR. During the enrollment of your SSL Certificate the CA should provide you with a field to paste this CSR into.

Note: Depending on the CA when enrolling they may ask you for a Server or Format type you would like for your certificate. Select either Microsoft/Windows or pkcs7. This will ensure you receive your certificate and all its required intermediates in one file, and will make installation back into the Digicert Utility easier.

After the SSL Certificate gets issued you will then Import your SSL Certificate back into the utility.

For Instruction on Installing your SSL Certificate back into the utility and to properly configure your keypair to be installed into your FileZilla system visit our article FileZilla – SSL Installation Using Digicert Certificate Utility.

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