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With the increase of fraud and identity theft, online visitors have learned to look for trust signs when they transact online. A GeoTrust® Secured Seal, available with every GeoTrust certificate product, shows web site visitors that their information is protected. Add the GeoTrust Secured Seal to your home page, buy page, log-in or any other page on your authenticated site where visitors need to verify your web site.

Note: You must purchase a GeoTrust SSL Certificate  before installing the GeoTrust Secured Seal.
Note: If you purchased a QuickSSL Certificate or require the old GeoTrust Legacy Site Seal click HERE.

Click on the click below to generate your GeoTrust Secured Seal:Geotrust Secured Seal

GeoTrust Secured Seal Script Generator

When generating the seal script keep in mind the following:

Remember, the web page on which you place this GeoTrust Site Seal must use exactly the same domain that is in your GeoTrust SSL Certificate enrollment application. For instance, if the enrollment is for www.example.com, then the registration is for that site, and does not include other fully qualified domains like www2.example.com. The website name on the script must match up to the name of enrollment and the name of the website it is to be installed on.

The GeoTrust Secured Seal should display within 24 hours of installation and often will display within a couple of hours.

After the 24 hours after installation perform the following:

  1. Open the updated pages in a browser.
  2. Make sure the seal appears as expected.
  3. Click the seal to check the verification page.
  4. Review the information to make sure it is correct.

Note: Some website hosting providers may not allow outside seal scripts to be installed or displayed on their service. You may have to contact your website hosting provider to see if you can indeed display the seal if it does not display.

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