How to Manage Existing Users in Your SSL Partner Center:

This function allows you to Edit user information & permissions. You can also edit user password.

  1. Click User Management.
  2. In the User Management pane scroll or search for the user that you would like to manage.
  3. Click Manage.
  4. In the User-Edit pane you can perform the following.
    • Email Address/User Name:
      Note: The User will receive an Email with instructions regarding their email change.
    • Reset Password:
      Note: The User will receive an email with instructions regarding their password reset.
    • Change any User Profile information.
      Note: This information is to help Authentication in validation for enrollments for security products. Do not put personal addresses. Authentication only requires the address of your headquartered company (Mandatory Fields are marked with*).
    • Change User Right – permissions:
      • Can View Reports?
        Allows user to generate reports.
      • Can view other user Orders?
        Allows user to view orders placed by other users.
      • Send order notifications to Super Admin?
        If this user places an order, Super Admins registered within the account/department will get a notification of enrolled orders. 
      • Super Admin?
        This option will give full administrative rights to the User Profile.
      • Department:
        This feature is for Corporate Super Admins. This will allow the Super Admin to assign the user to sub departments within their organization for departmentalized management .
      • Can place Orders?
        When Selecting Yes a section will appear that will allow you to choose what contracts this User Profile user to place orders out of. Assign the contracts you want this User to place orders from.
        Note: If a user cannot place orders but there is a contract ready for processing in the account more than likely it is due to the Super Admin not assigning the necessary contract to the User Profile.
    • Click Update when all done.

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