Sometimes you may need to Replace / Reissue your web server certificate due to a technical issue, a special circumstance, or you have an environment where you need to use multiple keypairs. A Replace / Reissue of your web server certificate will not void your previously issued certificate on the order nor extend its validity.

If you need to revoke a certificate due to a key compromise then please submit a Revocation Request under Manage Order(s) > Revoke Certificate within your SSL Partner Center.

Note: You will be required to Submit a CSR for this replacement. Instructions on CSR generation can be found here if necessary. CSR Generation Instructions (All Systems)

Note: When generating your new CSR to perform this replacement the information on the CSR such as the Common Name (CN) must be the same as the original certificate on the order.

  • Typically a replacement of a certificate may take up to a couple of hours depending on the level of its verification for the new one to be reissued.
  • The Reissue option can always be found under Certificate Options when looking at the details of your certificate order.

There are two options you can Reissue your Webserver certificate. To Reissue your certificate choose from one of the following options.

Option 1: Through Manage Order(s) Reissue / Replace option.

  1. On the left pane under Dashboard click Manage Order(s).
  2. Click Replace / Re-Issue Certificate.
  3. Under Search by Common Name specify the Common Name for the order/certificate in question.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. A list of orders with the common name will appear. Click the order number for the certificate you would like to perform the reissue for.
  6. Under the Certificate Options tab, click on Reissue to initiate the replace process.

Option 2: Through reports

    1. On the left pane under Dashboard, Click on Reports.
    2. Under reports you will find the following:
      • Search by OrderID.
        Searches an order based on order number.
        Note: Searches by order number will automatically bring up its order details.
      • Search By Common Name.
        Searches an order based on common name.
      • Advanced Search.
        Search from a variety of criteria.
    3. Specify the required information to get your order.
    4. Once you have found your order click on its order ID to pull up its details,
    5. Click Certificate Options.
    6. Click Reissue to initiate the replace Wizard.

Step by step process on Reissuing your SSL certificate order:

  1. Under CSR info, Copy and Paste the contents of your CSR into the CSR field provided.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. The system will check to insure that you are submitting a valid CSR.
  4. Under Check CSR, you will see the information that the system has pulled from the CSR you have provided.
    Note: If The CSR Common Name does not match to that on the order you will have to regenerate a new CSR so that the information is the same.
  5. From the Send Reissue Email drop down, select one of the options provided.
  6. Click Continue.

    In the last Step of the replacement you will be able to Confirm the replacement details. Depending on your certificate product you may have options to make edits to SANS.
  7. Click Submit.
    You will receive confirmation that your Reissue request has been Submitted Successfully. You will be then sent back to the Certificate Info portion of the order and will see Certificate Status: Pending Reissue.

What Happens Now?

After submission you will receive a confirmation message that your Request for the reissue has been placed. You can then view the order details and status within the portal.

Typically a replacement of a certificate may take up to a couple of hours depending on the level of its verification for the new one to be reissued.

After the reissue is complete the selected contact will receive a notification email that the replacement order has been issued. This will contain the certificate that you can then install on the system where the CSR was generated. Likewise you can pick up your NEW Reissued certificate within your SSL Partner Center under the orders Download Certificate option once the status has gone from Pending Reissue to Active.

The Start Date of the Order Info will be older than the Certificate Info of a reissued certificate.

For a Downloadable version How to Reissue Replace?


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