Ask SSL Support Desk: Are SSL Certificate NIST compliant? NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology

What is Ask SSL Support Desk? It is a summary of random questions that have one to the attention of Acmetek’s most awesome technical support reps. Answered and shared for the SSL Support Desk’s SSL Library which is designed to teach and educate the community. Question: Are SSL Certificates NIST compliant?  Short Answer: Yes. Actually, NIST was responsible for Certificate Authorities (CA) such as Digicert, Entrust, Comodo to start implementing the 2048 key pair bit length standard with SSL/TLS Certificates. More Information: Within the realm of Website and Network Security there are many institutions that “Set the Standard” to the way people and organizations conduct their infrastructure. Without standards there would be no consistency among product developers, manufactures, cyber security, […]

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