Symantec/Digicert Actions Required – Google Reissue

You May Have to Reissue your SSL Certificate!! Since announcing the acquisition, Digicert has actively engaged with the security community to explore paths that address browser concerns about Symantec/Geotrust/Thawte/Rapidssl-issued certificates while balancing the SSL/TLS implementations currently deployed. Symantec-issued certificates impacted by browser timelines will need to be replaced to bring them under the new Digicert platform. These will be replaced at no cost to all certificates issued prior to December 1st 2017, and we’ll work to ensure a smooth process. Many customers have already received information on certificate replacement, and more information will be forthcoming for affected parties. Acmetek requests that all clients/users of the SSL Partner Center to perform these reissues as soon as possible to avoid warning messages […]

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