Certificate AuthoritiesCertificate Authorities will almost always require the installation of Intermediate CA certificates to have SSL/TLS Certificates to be fully trusted in all browsers. Think of them as supplementary certificates that help the trust of your SSL Certificate to all the different browsers, and operating systems that exist out in the world.

If you are having Trust issues on certain browsers, and other browsers are fine, then more than likely you’re missing the installation of an Intermediate CA.

Intermediate CA’s also known as Chain Certificates are usually sent to you within or attached to your email SSL Certificate Fulfillment email. Alternatively you can always manually retrieve them from our website. Intermediate CA Certificates are unique and dependent on the product type of your SSL Certificate and from the CA that you got it from.  Your product type is listed in the beginning of your email as specified during enrollment. Alternately you can find your product type within your enrollment portal.
Below are links to the SSL Certificate Intermediate CA’s all under the Symantec umbrella. To retrieve the Intermediate CA certificate for your SSL Certificate based on brand & product visit the corresponding links as they apply to you.

Symantec Intermediate CA’s

GeoTrust Intermediate CA’s

Thawte Intermediate CA’s 

RapidSSL Intermediate CA’s

If you also require the Root CA certificate to go along with your Intermediate CA you will find links to their corresponding Brands & Products in the above links. 

Installation of these Intermediate CA will vary depending on the system. Visit our SSL Installation pages should you need some assistance. If you do not see our server listed then contact your server vender for best practices on installation of this certificate.

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