Quick overview of the importance of a Digital Server Certificate it affects and why.

Lets start off by asking some questions and then answering them..Teacher

  1. What is a Digital Server Certificate?
  2. What is its purpose of a server certificate.
  3. Why does my website need a Digital Server Certificate?
  4. What happens if you do not have a valid server certificate?
  5. Who needs a server certificate?
  6. Who hates server certificates?
  7. Thing to know!

What is a Digital Server Certificate?

“It’s All about trust!”

A Digital Server Certificate is a bit of code on your web server that provides security for online communications validated by a governing third party Certificate Authority (CA). Also known as a SSL certificate or a TLS certificate.

Purpose of a server certificate and what it provides:

  • Third party validation from a Certificate Authority (CA).GoodSite
  • Ensures to browser users that website and certificate are operated by the same organization.
  • Ensures to application or servers that certificate is validated by operated by same organization.

When a web browser contacts your secured website, the server certificate enables an encrypted connection. If you ever see a padlock in your browser that is an SSL certificate protecting the site.

  • A digital server certificate acts as a representation of the websites encryption.
  • A server certificate states this website of www.domain.com has been validated by such and such CA and has passed the validation procedures to get a digital server certificate.
  • This informs you the web visitor the website is who they say they are.

Why does my website need a server certificate?

Server certificates help customers gain the confidence to provide personal information on a website. That the certificate has validated the organization to meet the standards to get a certificate issued to their website.

What happens if you do not have a valid server certificate?

  • Loss in web traffic.Bad Site
  • Application to server failure.
  • Server to server communication failure.
  • Errors in browsers.
  • Browsers will warn users when there’s no encryption.
  • Loss of revenue.
  • No one will work with you.
    • PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and other auditors demand a valid CA server certificate.
    • Self Signed certificates not issued from a valid CA will spark warnings and error messages on applications, browsers, and connection problems with servers.

Who needs a server certificate?

  • Financial institutions.
  • Hospitals.
  • Server to server communications.
  • E-commerce.
  • Pretty much EVERYONE that is running a website for business needs.

Who hates server certificates?

  • Criminals

Things to know!What you need to know

  • To maintain validity and security certificates are issued to a max 3 year validity then need to be re-authenticated/renewed.
  • Without a Valid server certificate running on a website there will be errors in browsers and potential connection issues with server communications.
  • Digital Certificates are not just for websites.
    • They are used to Authenticate to allow the older access to systems.
    • They are used to Sign Code.
    • They secure the data transmissions between you and your smart phone apps!

How can I get a Server Certificate?

  • You or someone who has access to your server system will first need to generate a CSR. Its a piece of code that is created from the server system or application where HTTPS is needed. Instructions on how to perform this can be found at SSLSupportDesk- CSR Generation Instructions, or you may have to contact your hoster (The third party running your website) and ask them.
  • Visit Acmetek.com to browse around from all the different server certificate product types and submit a quote to inquire about more.

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