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Whether you are providing your own hardware token, or you had DigiCert ship you a secure token with your preinstalled EV Code Signing Certificate, you need to install the SafeNet drivers for your computer to interface with the device.

These instructions explain how to install the client software on to your computer after you’ve already received and configured your hardware token from DigiCert. This will allow you to sign application with your EV Code Signing hardware device token on multiple computer machines.

SafeNet Installer Note:  If you don’t have the SafeNetAuthenticationClient.exe, if you’ve lost the option to download the SafeNet Drivers from your account, or if you need help downloading the software, or if you need driver software for other OS platforms, please email Support at support@digicert.com or call Support at 1-801-701-9600.

Downloading the SafeNet client.

Note: Before you run the SafeNet Authentication Client, make sure your token is unplugged (i.e. not plugged into the computer).

  1. Run the SafeNet Authentication Client program that you downloaded.
  2. In SafeNet Authentication Client Setup, on the Welcome to the SafeNet Authentication Client Installation Wizard page, click Next to begin the software installation process.Welcome to Safenet Authentication Client
  3. On the Interface Language page, in the drop-down list, select a language for the interface and then click Next.
  4. On the License Agreement page, select I accept the license agreement and then click Next.
  5. On the Destination Folder page, choose where you want to install the SafeNet Authentication Client and then click Next.
  6. On the Setup Type page, select Typical for the installation type and then click Next.Safenet client Standard or Custom installation screen.
  7. On The wizard is ready to begin installation page, click Install.
    Note: It may take a few minutes to install the software.
  8. On the SafeNet Authentication Client has been successfully installed page, click Finish to exit SafeNet Authentication Client Setup.Finish Safenet Installer.
  9. You have successfully installed the SafeNet Client Software.


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