In the SSL Partner Center client may get the following Warning message:

CSR does not contain a wildcard domain as expected.

This warning message is caused by the following reasons.

  • This error is caused when enrolling for a Wildcard SSL certificate product and the CSR that is being submitted within the enrollment Wizard does not have the Wildcard * attribute in the Common Name of the CSR.

Resolution will vary depending on its cause.

  • Double check the common name of the CSR with an SSL Certificate CSR checker. Generate a new CSR with a wildcard within the Common Name to enroll for a Wildcard  certificate product. Example: *.acmetek.com
  • If you need a standard SSL certificate for the wildcard CSR you are using please contact your account rep to inform them that you are in need of a standard SSL certificate product.
    • You can also submit a ticket From your SSL Partner Center Dashboard by going to Support > Submit a Ticket > from the Related to drop down select Need More Units under Sales Support, and fill out the requested informational fields.


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